While we know this is an important question, we think it is more important to know if you like the program. No reason to discuss price if you hate the program. During the intro lesson we will discuss the different options for pricing. Just know this, if you want to train at Cincinnati Krav Maga, we will help you make it happen
Intro Lessons: M @ 5:30-7pm and T @ noon-1pm or 6:30pm-8pm
Beginner's Classes: M&W @ 6pm and T&Th @ noon or 7pm and Sun @ noon
Advanced Level Classes: M&W @ 7pm and T&TH @ noon or 8pm and Sun @ 1pm
No classes on Fridays and Saturdays
Our Krav Maga program is a belt and level system. The levels are: Beginner’s Level and Advanced Level. The belt ranking is: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown and Black. While the belts are good to recognize what a student has achieved, the emphasis is really about what you are learning. While we want students to train to get their Black Belts, we would rather see a person train hard what they have learned and not focus on the belts. The Beginner’s Level is the real starting point and gives you the opportunity to see if this is the right program for you; it is your orientation, if you will. During this level, which is typically 4 months, a student will get the foundation they need to train the rest of the levels. Topics covered in this level are: punches, kicks, stances, punch defenses, kick defenses, releasing from chokes and wrist grab, and how to fall properly. The upper levels are exclusive to our students who pass the Yellow Belt test and are invited to Advanced Level. This is our main program, and we only allow students who show control and desire to come to this level. During these upper levels, topics cover: punches, kicks, punch defenses, kick defenses, releases from chokes/bearhugs/hair grabs/ground attacks, defenses against knife threats/attacks, defenses against stick attacks, defenses against gun threats, and more options to rolls and breaking falls.
Students attend classes 2-3 times a week and train the same topic throughout the week. This method is best because the first class a student attends they learn the techniques, then the second time the student can fine tune the technique and start working it harder. And, if the student comes a third time, then he/she can train it really hard and stop thinking about the details as much. And because our program is on a rotating curriculum, students train each topic 2-4 times a year.
Yes! Anyone can be attacked, therefore anyone can train Krav Maga!
The only way to know if you will like our training is to try it, not watch it. This is why we offer our $19 intro lesson. Please do not stop in to watch a class, come experience it!